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Hello! My name is Rapunzel. I once had magical golden hair that glowed when I sang. It's true! But after having a grand adventure and chasing my dream and ended up finding a new one and leaving my past behind, along with my hair. I'm now living my life as the Princess of a kingdom called Corona. I have loving parents and the best husband in the entire world, Eugene! I couldn't be any happier!
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Halloween 2 by godohelp

Rapunzel brunette 3 by ~Usagi-Tsukino-krv

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rapunzel chillin by ~littletelevision

(Source: stitchkingdom.com)

Rapunzel!1 by ~N1GHTN01SE-41

Dreams by ~HESKart

"I have the best father in the whole wide world!!!"

(Source: kittykatpaws.deviantart.com)

An Afternoon Nap by ~Captain-BlackClaw

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