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Hello! My name is Rapunzel. I once had magical golden hair that glowed when I sang. It's true! But after having a grand adventure and chasing my dream and ended up finding a new one and leaving my past behind, along with my hair. I'm now living my life as the Princess of a kingdom called Corona. I have loving parents and the best husband in the entire world, Eugene! I couldn't be any happier!
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     “……Who, me? Noooo.”

The Nightmare


     Her shaking had dragged him into a partially still asleep but trying to regain a clearing sense of thinking mode, so he was not given a heart attack when she shrieked. Not that it didn’t still startle him badly enough that he sat up with gaze trying to focus as he looked around the room for any possibly threat. Finding none, he blinked and rubbed his eyes, before looking to her.


     “Hey, hey… It’s okay,” Eugene scooted closer when he saw her curled up, only able to assume she had had a nightmare, since nothing seemed to be out of place in the room. Arms gently wrapped around her and a hand petted her hair as an attempt at comfort.

     “You were just dreaming.”

     Rapunzel hadn’t seen Eugene move towards her, so when he did and wrapped his arms around her shaking body, she reacted, pushing him away before gasping at the realization for what she had done. For a single split second, she thought it was Gothel once again trying to take her away from a good life.

     ”Eugene I…" The princess  held herself, hanging her head down in shame as tears rolled down her cheeks. "I’m so sorry. It was so dark….and I…I saw Gothel. She was pulling me by my hair…wrapping me and chains….she was locking me in that..that tower…..please…" Rapunzel moved forward, burying her face in her husband’s chest. "Please don’t let her take me away.

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The Nightmare

     Rapunzel shifted in her sleep, her back now facing Eugene. Her breath came out in soft gasps as she laid very still, almost peaceful…almost.

     Soon her closed eyes squinted tightly together, and she curled up, shoulders lifting in an almost defensive position. “No…no…”, she whimpered, now shaking under the sheets. Her mind was replaying horrible events, taunting her, causing her to become fearful in the one place she thought she was safe. The princess could hear that high pitched laughter closing in on her, making her ears ring. “No…please….let me go……..LET ME GO!!!

     She screamed, her eyes snapping open as she sat upright, beads of sweat rolling down her face. Even tears rolled down her cheeks. Her breath came out heavily now as she drew her knees into her chest, burying her face in them. “Don’t lock me up again…

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a nightmare by trustahope

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Eugene and I are looking for Mother Gothel, The King and Queen of Corona, Pascal and of course Maximus! If you find them please send them our way. THANK YOU!



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     ”But it’s so pretty! What a nice color. I wish I had paints like that…”, Rapunzel signed, letting her finger hover just inches from said paint.



       “I don’t think you need car paint, Lady, if you want something easy-to-use and carry for a small project or something,” he turned and shuffled around for a moment before holding up a can. "Good ol’ Krylon’d probably work best."

     ”Car…paint?” Rapunzel stepped back, her eyes still fixated on the paint. “What’s car paint? And Krylon?”, she asked curiously, not understanding what he meant. Was it a brand of paint she didn’t know? There were more paints out there?!

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     ”Oh you don’t even know the HALF of it…”, Rapunzel groaned before letting out a light chuckle. “It was pretty funny though. My dad looks even worse than I do if you can imagine. And if you can grab a towel for me I’d really appreciate it thank you.


Cody snickered at this. “I think I saw some towels down the hall, I’ll go grab them!” He quickly hurried off, coming back moments later with a few towels stacked so high he could hardly see over them.  “Hope this is enough!”

     ”Oh goodness!” Rapunzel laughed, rushing forward to help the poor boy with all the towels he had brought. “I think that’s more than enough, thank you very much. You know, we could build a tent out of all these towels. I’ve always wanted to. Never got a chance really, back in the tower." Drapping one over her head she thought for a moment before smiling down at the boy. "Want to?

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themouseofbakerstreet whispered: "Ah, Hello there! Do be careful where you step!" Basil said with a bright grin. "I'm new to town. Would you happen to know of any good mysteries of late? A stolen jewel or anything? Dawson sent me on vacation. He means well, but vacations are dreadfully boring. Much rather be on a case!"





     Rapunzel staggered backwards, heart racing  at the unexpected voice that came from a mouse. She had seen strange things but this, by far, took the cake. “Stolen jewels? D-Dawson?  Vacations? I umm gosh I h-haven’t heard of anything of the sort though I guess you can say I just got back from a vacation.

"Ah, my apologies.  I hope I didn’t frighten you miss, just didn’t wish to be stepped on or hit with anything, happened far too many times for my liking.  The name is Basil of Baker Street, I’m one of the greatest detectives of our times." He said with a cheeky grin.

     Rapunzel blinked in disbelief.

     She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. A talking mouse?! Sure she talked to her friend Pascal but that was different. This..this was an actual talking mouse! A light sigh left her lips and she stepped forward, crouching closer to the small animal. “Hey, how are you?”, she asked shakily. “My name’s Rapunzel. N-Nice to meet you.

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     As thunder rumbled in the distance, Rapunzel found herself couching behind her bed, wrapping a blanket around her in hopes it would protect her. It wasn’t working.



     The lion cub who had somehow ended up in this bizarre place was also hiding from the thunder, one that sounded as loud as a thousand lions roars. Spotting a large shadow nearby, his curiosity began to pique a bit, so Simba began slowly approaching the creature. “Hello?” 

     A shiver ran down Rapunzel’s spine as the thunder continued to rumble outside, the lightning almost blinding her before she ducked completely under her blanket. As the noise died down, a voice broke the silence and the princess shrieked, shivering under the covers, wishing she had her frying pan.

     ”W-Who’s there?! Eugene? Is that you?


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