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Hello! My name is Rapunzel. I once had magical golden hair that glowed when I sang. It's true! But after having a grand adventure and chasing my dream and ended up finding a new one and leaving my past behind, along with my hair. I'm now living my life as the Princess of a kingdom called Corona. I have loving parents and the best husband in the entire world, Eugene! I couldn't be any happier!
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Hiatus Announcement

     Yes I know I’ve been taking a lot of these lately but this one is for good reason rather than a lost muse.

     I’ll be going to Dragon*Con this weekend and will be busy preparing for that. These cosplays won’t finish themselves. I’ll be back Tuesday of next week in full.

Art by GFantasy92





I told Rapunzel it was time for me to go, and this is what she had to say.

Oh my gosh… Best Rapunzel ever!

she is the cutest


though you would like to see this :D



First look at Rapunzel as she will appear in “The Curse of Princess Ivy,” a “Sofia the First” episode which will air on Disney Junior this November.

(Source: jimhillmedia.com)

blxckpegasus whispered: °•°



Send a °•° and get a nickname from my muse.

     ”A nickname…hmm…how about Midnight?

He didn’t seem to like it very much.


     ”Did I say something wrong?

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blxckpegasus whispered: °•°

Send a °•° and get a nickname from my muse.

     ”A nickname…hmm…how about Midnight?


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oh-the-cleverness-of--me whispered: "You sure do have a lotta hair, don't ya?"

     ”No I don’t…w-well I use to have long hair until my husband cut it all off.”, she shrugged. “I like my short hair though. I think it’s pretty.


themouseofbakerstreet whispered: "Ah, Hello there! Do be careful where you step!" Basil said with a bright grin. "I'm new to town. Would you happen to know of any good mysteries of late? A stolen jewel or anything? Dawson sent me on vacation. He means well, but vacations are dreadfully boring. Much rather be on a case!"



     Rapunzel staggered backwards, heart racing  at the unexpected voice that came from a mouse. She had seen strange things but this, by far, took the cake. “Stolen jewels? D-Dawson?  Vacations? I umm gosh I h-haven’t heard of anything of the sort though I guess you can say I just got back from a vacation.

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Send a °•° and get a nickname from my muse.

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