Flynn Rider and Rapunzel by Brooke Pearce Photography on Flickr.


Flynn Rider and Rapunzel by Brooke Pearce Photography on Flickr.

A dream is a wish your heart makes..



     “That’s a kind of paint that doesn’t tarnish or fade as quickly, like an artist’s paint, seriously, vehicles have a harder life than a canvas. And Krylon? Well, it’s spray paint, meanin’ you don’t use a brush…” This was the first time he’d had to explain this sort of thing before, but he wasn’t busy or behind on anything for the moment, so a small break wasn’t so bad.

     “Here, I’ll show ya,” still holding the can, he walked over to a table that already had some signs of stray paint on it, and sprayed a red line.

     Vehicles, spray paint…even more words Rapunzel wasn’t understanding. She was about to get a lesson though.

     ”Oh my…”, she gasped in awe as the man began painting with ease. It was like magic! “That paint comes from that bottle? Are you a magician?!”, she exclaimed. “Can you teach me how to wield that kind of power? It’d make painting a lot easier for me. And it’s a new technique that looks fun!

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blxckpegasus asked:
The small pegasus landed on the open window, sniffing inside with curiosity.



     Rapunzel lifted her quill, tickling the tip of her nose in thought before a soft clanking noise caught her attention. Looking up she caught sight of a black creature outside her window and squeaked loudly, jumping in her seat. “What is that?!”, she muttered, her eyes narrowing in hopes to get a better look.


Blackjack seemed slightly excited when Rapunzel mentioned something to eat. He was hungry and definitely loved carrots. He also liked apples but carrots were a rare treat in Mount Olympus, at least the gods didn’t like to give them carrots very often. He could compreend only a few that she was telling to him but it was easy to understand the meaning of her words.


He put himself on his foor hooves quick and jumped to the air, flapping his wings as hard as he could, to stay still in the air and later follow the princess. He could walk, but he wanted to learn how to fly properly after all he was a winged horse!

     Okay, he was adorable.

     When the little horse fluttered his wings and lifted off the ground in excitement, Rapunzel couldn’t stop herself from squealing. “Ooohhh how cute! Alright then, come on little guy, we’ll find you something to eat just…stay low to the ground okay? I don’t want any guards to see you and panic. That wouldn’t be good, would it?

     Opening the door to the hallway, Rapunzel motioned for the little horse to follow her, waiting patiently for him to keep up.

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The Nightmare 


     He was somewhat surprised to be pushed off, and his arms hovered a moment as he debating whether or not to attempt hugging her again. But before he had made up his mind, she was speaking, and his head just tilted slightly as he listened. Eugene’s concerned expression soon shifted to sympathy.


     “I’m never going to stand for -and your parents won’t either- letting you be taken again,” he assured and held her yet again, though tighter this time, as if to emphasis his words. Turning his head and placing a kiss on one of her cheeks, he promised, “Never, Rapunzel.”

     Rapunzel trembled in Eugene’s arms as her eyes closed tightly, muttering to herself for those awful visions to disappear. Her hands gripped his night shirt and she sobbed softly, for the first time in a long while feeling weak and helpless.

      After a moment of calming herself down, she pulled away from Eugene, wiping her eyes dry. “Sorry…”, she sniffled. “You must think I’m pretty silly to still have nightmares, huh?" Rapunzel tried to laugh, but couldn’t. "Sorry I woke you up too. Y-You can go back to sleep. I’ll be okay.

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"And I do it all for free, your tears are all the pay I’ll ever need."


     ”Well it’s a good thing I’m not crying then.

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     As you know October is fast approaching which means I’ll be opening up Halloween icon requests (for Disney Elites members only) soon! Let me know if you’d like one!

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     ”Who’s ready for October next week?! I can’t wait to put out all the fall decorations. Not to mention I’ll finally be able to paint all those beautiful autumn colors. The hardest thing this October I think will be convincing Eugene to dress up with me.

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Rapunzel hangs out with the other Disney Princes!

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