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Hello! My name is Rapunzel. I once had magical golden hair that glowed when I sang. It's true! But after having a grand adventure and chasing my dream and ended up finding a new one and leaving my past behind, along with my hair. I'm now living my life as the Princess of a kingdom called Corona. I have loving parents and the best husband in the entire world, Eugene! I couldn't be any happier!
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Make me choose: Rapunzel’s long hair or Rapunzel’s short hair

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     ”Is it Sunday yet? Please can it be Sunday already?!”, Rapunzel asked out loud, excitement for the day building up inside of her.



       “Y’ seem mighty chipper, well, more than usual, the pirate intoned with a low chuckle, "May I ask what is so exciting about this coming Sunday?"

     ”Well how could I not be? Sunday, it’ll be my birthday! Oh I love my birthday so much. It has so much meaning to it. The lanterns, the festival…and possibly the romance.”, Rapunzel giggled shyly. “Oh it’ll be so much fun!

     ”Is it Sunday yet? Please can it be Sunday already?!”, Rapunzel asked out loud, excitement for the day building up inside of her.

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Favorite photos of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (photo credits are captioned)


     I’M HERE! But I only owe one person unless I missed a thread so if you’re up for a mini thread just let me know!


Once again I am a failure to the group.

I promised I would be on today and I wasn’t. Things came up and other than a few replies on another account I got nothing done. Not to mention my mom hogged the computer all day pretty much. Tomorrow I will dedicate to this blog.

I swear I don’t know how you all put up with me.

Chat Clor Speaks again



….did chat crash, or is my internet being worse than usual. Though, i’m prettyyyy sure that was flash as a whole, because flash crashed on two websites crashed for me..

Aaanyway, it should be up again soon..

//No, chat crashed for me too! That was weird…

Disneyyandmore Pick a Princess Meme: Rapunzel
Favorite Outfit: Epilogue Dress

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     Seating herself on the grass, Rapunzel wasted no time in pulling out a bouquet of flowers from the basket she had brought with her. Her fingertips grazed over the soft petals before she placed it beside the gravestone, her eyes looking at the named craved into it.

     Eugene Fitzherbert.

     Tears swelled up in her eyes, causing Rapunzel’s vision to be blurry but she looked onward, not wasting her energy in wiping her tears away. Besides she wasn’t ashamed of them. She saw her tears as a sign of how much she loved the man who was no longer with her. He was still in her heart every day and night. She would never get use to him not being here with her. It was a pain that would never heal. So many nights she had spent in tears, knowing she would never wake up to see the face of the man she loved more than her own life. Truthfully the only thing that kept her going now-a-days was a little pair of feet that was hobbling her way.

     A pair of tiny arms wrapped around the princess’s neck and she felt the soft breaths of air against her back. 

     ”Mommy can you tell me the story again? Pretty please.

     The five year old circled around to seat herself in her mother’s lap. “But you’ve heard it a million times, Marigold." "But I think daddy wants to hear it too." Rapunzel sighed, kissing the little girl’s hair. "Alright alright miss bossy…..once upon a time there was a thief who had stolen a tiara from a nearby kingdom. The guards were after him and he found an unexpected place to hide.

     ”The tower!

     ”That’s right, the tower. But what he didn’t know that inside there was a young maiden with beautiful golden hair who smacked him right in the face with a frying pan when he entered her tower. The two proposed a deal. The maiden would return the tiara if the thief would take her to see the floating lights.

     ”Lanterns mommy.”, Marigold giggled.

     ”Right, sorry. Anyways the two set off and had a wonderful adventure, meeting new friends, facing new dangers and growing closer to each other as the time ticked away…" Rapunzel paused, her lips quivering as a few tears left her eyes. She made certain to lean back as to not let her daughter see. "They fell in love. Who knew that such a short time could amount to the greatest love the maiden had ever known. He was her whole world…her new dream. He was there for her when she was sad and lonely. He taught her how to love and how to live her life to the fullest. He made her laugh and smile as she had never done before.It was true love. And soon the two were married and they…”, she choked on her words as her glossy eyes looked up at the named on the gravestone. “They lived happily ever after.

     ”I like that story. I bet daddy does too, right daddy?”, the little girl asked, getting up from her mother’s lap to kiss the gravestone ad pat the flowers Rapunzel had placed their earlier.

     ”Mommy, do you think a fairytale like that could ever be real?

     ”Oh sweetheart….I know it can be.

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     ”Oh Mickey….

     Rapunzel dropped to her knees, resting her head into her hands as tears stung her eyes. “Why? Why did you have to leave us so soon. This wasn’t suppose to happen.”, she sobbed softly before taking in a breath and letting it out, finding it calming. She needed to be calm, otherwise her emotions would get the better of her. “I need to control myself…..it’s…it’s what you would’ve wanted right?”, she smiled weakly, finding the strength to rise to her feet again.

     ”You were always there for me. You taught me so much about myself and stood up for me when it felt like others didn’t. You always knew how to make me smile and I…" There her emotions went again, tears now trickling down her cheeks. "I never got a chance to truly thank you for all that you did for me. I will regret not saying thank you till the day I die but please, where ever you are, if you can hear me please know that I am thankful that you were a part of my life. You were…a wonderful friend. More than wonderful…so much more. thank you Mickey. Just…thank you. I promise I’ll keep smiling, like you always wanted me to do, right?”

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